My name is Nam Seung-Woo, CEO of Dareun Corporation.

We created “DOOKKI” as a restaurant brand through which all global customers can enjoy food beyond Korea.

“DOOKKI” is gaining popularity among global customers by advancing into major countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and it plans to offer the “DOOKKI” experience to more global customers by expanding its market to Australia and the Americas continuously.
Instead of limiting itself as Korea’s representative tteokbokki brand, “DOOKKI” will grow into a brand through which customers enjoy a wide variety of food as they create their flavor according to their preference and style.

Furthermore, by adding various interesting elements continuously while offering reasonable prices and places, “DOOKKI” will remain a popular brand by satisfying all customers with the highest quality and enjoyment as well as the best value for money.

We will strive to improve the status of “K-Food” for customers to be able to enjoy Korea’s various food materials through “DOOKKI” in all areas worldwide by growing as a global brand recognized by people all over the world.

We will stick to a sound franchise business model wherein customers, franchise stores, and headquarters can prosper together and realize the famous phrase “A dream you dream alone remains just a dream. But a dream you dream together with others becomes a reality.”

“DOOKKI” will offer unforgettable enjoyment to its global customers and provide a successful business model to its franchise stores and partners.

Nam Seung-Woo, CEO of Dareun Company.


What is

Tteokbokki is Korean Traditional Food.
It was considered as a street food in the past.
However, Tteokbokki is currently served in restaurant with high-quality service


Target Customer

Our main customers are 10s~30s women and students.
Family unit customer’ s visitation rate also increased recently.
We have a large customer base from the influence of Korean wave and premium dining trend.